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Happy Halloween! Hope You Like Hypothermia!

Wow, this year has flown right by, eh. One day I'm posting a blog and the ground is covered in snow, and, here I am, nearly ten months later, posting again for the first time since January, and the ground is, once again, covered in snow. Well, sort of. Now it's more of a gray mush. But still, it's snow, and it's only October! Two days before Halloween! It dropped to 29 degrees last night, and the forecast is for extended periods of sadness followed by months of malaise. Next time someone tells you seasonal depression doesn't exist, slap them across the face with a bag full of Prozac. It's real...all-too-horrifically real.


I now hate winter more than anything. When I was younger, I hated the heat, but, as my body's aged, and every inch of me creaks and groans like an old wooden chair, I've learned to love the soothing, healing warmth of summer - even the triple digit days we had during this past summer's heat wave. Ahh, how I miss that scalding heat - that suffocating air and dangerous levels of ozone. Sigh.


Why haven't I been blogging? Have I given up writing? Where did I leave my keys? These are just some of the questions that no one has asked me.


My New Year's Resolution Was to Write More...sigh.

I hate winter. I hate the cold, I hate the snow, I hate everything that happens after December 25th. I can't get writing done in this kind of weather, which is ironic seeing as how it's so miserable outdoors that there's not much else to do but write! Well, that's a lie; there's playing Black Ops, trolling forums, reading gossip pages, and doing just about anything I can do to avoid writing. I'm the consummate procrastinator, always too busy doing nothing to do what it is I'm supposed to do. 

In other words, I'm a lazy fuck.

There's some good news, I guess. That Dark Futures anthology FINALLY came out, and I was surprised to find out that another one of my stories (White Christmas) is scheduled to be released by Apex Book Company as part of yet another anthology, so at least my older stuff is out there. Now I just need to find the will and the focus to finish some new stuff, damnit! 

A New Dose o' Hate!!

 This is a very special episode of I Hate Everything in that it's about something I actually love more than life, itself. I'm talking about my fast-approaching 2-year old son, Liam, who is...well...he's a bundle of energy, I tell ya. 100% pure kinetic energy, with the ability to leap just about everything in a single bound, and the power to clear rooms of small animals with the stomp of his mighty foot. I love the kid, but, on occasion, he drives me nuts, as he should. That's what kids do, after all. 

Dark Futures is NOW AVAILABLE!!

The Dark Futures anthology from Dark Quest books has finally been released, and can be had at Barnes and Noble , Amazon.com, and a bunch of other places. This should be a pretty shit-hot collection, too, as editor Jason Sizemore has assembled a pretty impressive roster of talent. I'm in it, too. My story, Terra Tango 3, even got a blurb/thing, which was quite an honor, especially seeing as how I wrote it in the throes of holiday madness; a time when I'd rather be eating mistletoe and kissing under the ham. Please, support we struggling indie writer folk and grab yourself a copy of this!

More Hate!

These are sort of working out to be a weekly thing! Don't worry, though; I'll give it up eventually. I'm good like that. This "week's" episode will probably only be funny to anyone who owns or has ever had to bathe a cat. It's a bit like sticking your hands in a garbage disposal or grabbing a downed electrical wire. Cats, of course, bathe themselves, but some do a better job than others. We've got three cats, and one of them, in addition to refusing to bury his crap in the litter box, does next to no self-grooming, and, after a fashion, ends up smelling like a two week old slab of tuna. 

I Hate Everything - Volume Three

I actually finished drawing this one last week, but never got around to coloring it in. I hate to color. I can't stay inside the lines. It's always been this way. I like to think it makes me a rebel, but it's probably some sort of developmental disability. That's okay. That makes me special.

Speaking of special, there's nothing special about this particular strip save for the fact that it's true, and my friend, Jeff, and his wife, Cindy, are currently battling breast cancer together (well, Cindy's the one with the breasts, but you get what I mean). The prognosis is very good, and that makes me happy. Still, the fact that they have to go through something like this while some truly evil folks out there are rewarded with great health

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