Zombies and Game Shows and Dystopia Oh My...

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Yay! I just approved the final edits to an upcoming story that will be appearing in the Dark Futures anthology coming out this spring from Dark Quest Books. The story's called "Terra Tango 3", and is a satirical zombie story set in a post-Armageddon dystopia in which the less-than-fortunate survivors of the zombie plague orbit the Earth in overcrowded ships, whilst their upper-class brethren inhabit cool new digs on the moon. As a way of controlling the population, the government and the television entity known as Network develop a game show called DEAD HEAT in which ten contestants are drawn from a lottery and forced to run the zombie-filled gauntlet of Manhattan. The winner (a rare occurrence) gets Lunar citizenship, a suitcase full of cash, and endorsement deals up the yin-yang. The losers...well...they get eaten.

It's a fun story and I had a blast writing it. Hopefully, when the anthology comes out, you'll have a blast reading it, too! To the left you'll see the bare-ass nekkid cover art for the antho, which is edited by Jason Sizemore, and features other stories by Alethea Kontis & Kelli Dunla, Robby Sparks, Gill Ainsworth, Paul Jessup, and many more. Visit Dark Quest Books for more info! 

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