My New Year's Resolution Was to Write More...sigh.

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I hate winter. I hate the cold, I hate the snow, I hate everything that happens after December 25th. I can't get writing done in this kind of weather, which is ironic seeing as how it's so miserable outdoors that there's not much else to do but write! Well, that's a lie; there's playing Black Ops, trolling forums, reading gossip pages, and doing just about anything I can do to avoid writing. I'm the consummate procrastinator, always too busy doing nothing to do what it is I'm supposed to do. 

In other words, I'm a lazy fuck.

There's some good news, I guess. That Dark Futures anthology FINALLY came out, and I was surprised to find out that another one of my stories (White Christmas) is scheduled to be released by Apex Book Company as part of yet another anthology, so at least my older stuff is out there. Now I just need to find the will and the focus to finish some new stuff, damnit! 

It's snowing again as I type this. We're due for another foot of snow, this on top of the foot or so that's been laying around since the last two storms. My kid's cars and Little Tyke's observation tower thing are poking out of the 12 inch deep sheet of ice, making my yard look like some sort of toddler arctic research station. He's as stir crazy as I am, seeing as how he can't get more than a couple of feet out there before crunching through the icy surface and falling over. We filmed him the other day. It was quite the sight, him flopping around on the snow like a beached baby whale. They really should try to come up with more flexible snowsuits for kids. I mean, seriously, it's like stuffing the poor boy into one of those inflatable sumo wrestler outfits. He can barely walk on the carpet in the damned thing let alone navigate the crusty frozen tundra that is his backyard! 

i just saw this

 and its the middle of March and its STILL snowing.  This has been the criummiest winter!

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