More Hate!

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These are sort of working out to be a weekly thing! Don't worry, though; I'll give it up eventually. I'm good like that. This "week's" episode will probably only be funny to anyone who owns or has ever had to bathe a cat. It's a bit like sticking your hands in a garbage disposal or grabbing a downed electrical wire. Cats, of course, bathe themselves, but some do a better job than others. We've got three cats, and one of them, in addition to refusing to bury his crap in the litter box, does next to no self-grooming, and, after a fashion, ends up smelling like a two week old slab of tuna. 

He also weighs about 25 pounds and is the size of a medium jungle cat, with paws and claws to match. Needless to say, bathing him is an adventure! A painful, blood-soaked adventure.

Click here for the futility that is I Hate Everything #4!

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